A tea room in Troon

Yes, I am short, but in my defence I must say the wall was very, very high.
Troon beach

Hello and happy Saturday dear readers!

Today we went to Troon, a little coastal village in South Ayrshire. What I love the most about it are the nice shops, the tea rooms and bakeries and the beautiful, sandy beach. Today it was packed with people, we had a walk along the prom and everybody was there with kids, dogs (swimming in the sea, too!) and it just makes me so happy to see happy dogs and families at the beach during the weekends, even if it was quite chilly and cloudy. Before walking to the beach we visited some shops, especially home interior shops, I would have bought everything, really. Candles, luxury armchairs, top quality body lotions and various accessories with deers (there was this coat hanger…..to die for).

We also saw the new “Game of Scones” book, a friend of ours told us about it just the other day! It’s a collection of recipes from Game of Thrones obviously (season 6, to be precise) and we were quite tempted of buying it, we’re always so curious and excited when it comes to GOT but I can only imagine which recipes it containes…Pidgeon pie, kidney and whatnot ahah! I’m not really into this kind of food, sorry. But you never know, maybe we’ll change our minds and buy it in the end because I guess there is also the lemon cakes recipe, Sansa’s favourites…LOL.

Anyway, after buying some candies and chocolate in Poundland we headed for Silver Spoons tearoom, because we were pretty hungry and it looked very nice from the outside.

Egg-mayonnaise sandwich and lentil soup for me

The food was very good (and cheap) but we were stuffed so unfortunately we didn’t get to try the cakes (my heart aches). Next time!

After the tea room we visited the Ayrshire Arts and Crafts Fair as the entrance was free and we were walking by. They had really nice things: food, pictures, cushions, jewelry and so on. I bought a present for one of my best friends as in May it’s her birthday (can’t say what it is…shhh!) and a wooden, handmade candle holder by Big Shed Crafts.

Ayrshire Arts and Crafts Fair
Is that a dolphin?! A seal? Oh no, it’s just a brave labrador 😛

Our walk along the prom has been quite short as it was really cold (at least for us, Italian standard, you know) and my boyfriend was in a hurry to get home and see his team football match.

What about you? What did you do today and what are your plans for tomorrow? I’m curious.

Have a lovely Saturday night, we are happily staying in and cosy,




Our new candle holder

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