Bathroom: before and after

Good evening dear readers,

Today I’d like to show you the before/after photos of the bathroom. After changing the bed in the main bedroom (, we switched to renovating the bathroom, which I personally think is very, very important in a property. Especially as I love hot, long baths. 😛 The bathroom is where you have a bit of “me time”, where you get pampered, so we tried to create a relaxing and tidy space, with much less clutter than before.

As you may have seen on my Instagram stories we have done some housework last weekend. We worked three days in a row and are now super-satisfied with the result. The former style of the bathroom wasn’t special, it was quite old actually, and the wallpaper was ruined, so we wanted to renovate it and give it a modern style. On Friday, the first day of housework, we went to B&Q and b&m Home Store to buy new wallpaper, rims for the window, paint, a tall boy and everything that we needed. When we got back home we removed the old wallpaper and let the walls dry out. On the second day we hanged the new paper, with a lot of patience and a couple curse words, and on our last day my boyfriend worked on the details and has done some electrical work, while I assembled then new tall boy. I could play it cool and tell you that I have done it perfectly but I actually assembled the upper part of the tall boy the wrong side…Ahah! My boyfriend made fun of me for half an hour, but let me tell you, in my defense, that it was the first piece of furniture that I have ever assembled. Before this I had only helped him putting together some IKEA chairs in my home in Italy…

On Monday the best part arrived, we cleaned the whole bathroom and I put a bit of a woman’s touch: candles, diffusers and bath bombs. Now we are looking for a big, round mirror to hang above the toilet and for a blind. If you’ve got any suggestions on where to find them, I’d thank you very much!


We got rid of the old blind and mirror, which were not very nice, along with other white, plastics pieces of furniture. As they say nowadays, and with the whole Marie Kondo school of thought, “less is more”. Create spaces that spark joy for you.



The white rims that my boyfriend put on the sides of the window were very necessary, to protect the wallpaper





New rug from b&m Home Stores, grey to match the wallpaper

So, what do you think? Did we do a good job? We are chuffed to bits, honestly.

At the end of May we will get new windows for the sitting room and the twin bedroom and I can’t wait. Right now we have old, brown, wooden windows who let a lot of cold air and wind inside the house and when there are strong rain storms even water leaks in. Finally the heat will stay inside, as it’s supposed to, and we’ll save good money on our bills! Fortunately now it’s not cold, it’s not raining much and it’s not even windy, but when we arrived here in March in the evening you could hardly hear the television because of the strong draughts of wind. Ha! We’ll not miss that.

Have a lovely evening guys, I hope your week is going fine.



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