Saltcoats beach, Ardrossan castle and spring blossoms

Good evening dear readers! I hope you’re having a great Good Friday. Today the beach was packed because of the Easter holidays and because it was the best weather ever. If only I think about the 7th of March, when we first stepped foot on the Scottish soil… It was so cold! I wasn’t feeling this warm in Scotland since I was a kid, because during the last decade I was always traveling to other places in summer and, even if we were coming here, we were quite unlucky with the weather. Today I was wearing flip-flops and then walking barefoot on the sand… I felt like I was on holiday in a sunny location, really. I hope this summer will be like today most of the time… Too optimistic? Could be. But enough talking about the weather. My eyes are red, and hurt, because I’ve used my laptop/telephone from this morning at 7.40. I read so many job offers, evaluated them, chose which ones to go for, edited my CVs on my laptop, on Indeed, on other websites… Then I helped my boyfriend doing the same. I’ve really exaggerated with my screen time today, but I really wanted to show you the photos that I took this afternoon while walking along the beach and up to Ardrossan castle (unfortunately it’s just ruins now, but there is a nice view and park there). This will be a mostly photographic blogpost.

I love seeing the hills with the windmills back there
I’ve always wanted a barefoot kind of life 😛
New pink blouse from Primark (ant the knee long cardigan that you’ve seen two posts ago)
One dog is swimming, can you spot his head? lol
It’s nice to see dry sand once in a while
That’s one of my favourite cars along with Wranglers… The Land Rover Defender (my dad had it!)
That’s Ardrossan “castle” up there
The lovely windmills
The ferry coming back to Ardrossan from the Isle of Arran
A postcard
A bit of history class now, guys! 😛
I live for little corners like this one… Pink, purple, yellow flowers

That’s it, guys. Now I’ll have a hot bath and then I think we’re off to bed because we’re quite tired because of the CV editing and job-hunting. Fingers crossed! By the way, I’m very happy because last night we met my Scottish cousin and her hubby for a drink and we had a great time. What had to be a quick drink evolved in a three-hour stay! We chatted a lot and it was just so nice to get ready to get out with someone in the evening, that’s what we miss about Italy! Friends, relatives, our dog… Actually I’m even happier because tomorrow a dear friend of mine is coming to visit us from Switzerland for a few days and we’ll go to a football match with my cousin and her hubby, my uncle and my friend, too! I’ve never been to a Scottish football match (well, actually I’ve also been just to ONE Italian football match, Ac Milan VS Verona in San Siro, Milan!)

Told you today on Instagram stories that there were people in the sea!

Have a good night!




6 things to do when you’re sad

Good afternoon guys! Today I’d like to share with you some ways, that I find very useful, to boost my morale when I’m feeling down. If they work for me, they might as well work for you. I’d like to talk about feeling sad because I felt sad on Sunday myself and I think that it’s important to deal with this topic, this is one of the things that I love the most about my favourite youtubers or bloggers. We are human and it’s okay and perfectly normal to have a bad day: live it, don’t deny it and the next one (or the next week) will be better.

  1. Reading

I feel that when I’m sad I get distracted too easily while watching movies or a tv series, my mind runs away and spins around and I often pick up my mobile phone and lose the picture of the movie. Reading really works better for me. When you read a good book you just dive into the plot and the characters and that brings you far away from your worries and bad thoughts. Also, a movie lasts only 90-120 minutes but with a good book you are busy for hours, if you feel like reading. But, I must say that there is an exception, that is, watching your big faves in television (Bridget Jones always cheers me up and gives me hope, to be honest. Laughing and crying with Bridget, that’s so good for me. I think watching Game of Thrones would be great, too, because the characters deal with so many terrible tragedies…it instantly makes your problems look smaller).

2. Walking at the beach or in the woods

A second great way to get distracted from sadness, in my opinion, is to wear sneakers, a comfortable outfit and to get out of the house. I think that staying in all day when you’re sad makes you feel paranoid and even more miserable. Fresh air is always good for you, so try to get to your nearest park, beach or wood. When I’m in Italy I’ve got a wood 10 minutes from home, I’ve done that path countless times, on beautiful days and on horrible days (I mean emotionally), it’s a very steep walk and going back home after to take a shower and wash away all the sweat is so satisfying that it gives you the motivation to go the next time. Here in Scotland, on the other hand, I live in front of the beach and I love it (as you can see from my caption, I’m a big fan of salt water…ha!) but sometimes I miss the trees of Lake Como!

3. Run yourself a hot bath (or a long shower)

The water is so good for us: seeing the sea, a lake or a river, going to a spa or even having a nice, long bath or a relaxing shower is something I totally recommend. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling a bit down and I wear my pyjamas I find my day even more depressing. So, put your pyjamas under your pillow and take it out only in the evening! Choose a nice, perfumed shower gel, bath foam (vegan, please! Be kind ❤ ) or a Lush bath bomb, and light a candle. If you have a bath tub, bring your book with you, or put some music on, or watch your favourite youtube videos or series. If you have a shower, put some music on and indulge in a perfumed scrub or a nice hair mask.

4. Make yourself pretty

This one could sound shallow, but I honestly think that showering, choosing your favourite clothes (no, the pyjamas doesn’t count!) and working with your hands and make-up, to get you well-groomed and even more beautiful than you are, is a great solution. Our actions influence our mind, our body influences our mind. So, get prepared as if you were meeting someone, even if that day you’ll be alone, and you’ll see that you’ll feel better, more productive and your desire to stay in bed all day will fade. (Sometimes it’s good to stay in bed and sleep when you’re not feeling well, but give yourself a limit).

5. Clean your house

Maybe you’ll think that I’m crazy because having to clean your house would make you feel even sadder…ahah! But, believe me, living in a clean and tidy space helps your mind getting “cleaner and tidier”. Make your bed, open the windows to let fresh air in, fold the throw on your sofa, place your cushions as you like them and make the kitchen shine, so that you’ll feel like cooking something.

6. Cooking

As I was saying for make-up, working with hands is very therapeutic in my opinion, because it brings the attention away from our mind and into our hands. So, cooking is a big one for me. And after having kneaded, baked in the oven or stir fried you can eat your delicious creation, too!

So, I hope that the next time that you feel sad (I hope as late as possible) you will think about some of these ways that usually help me feeling better, to feel better, too. I know, talking to others is easy but putting into practice not so much, but I hope that it’ll help even just a little bit (or as we say here in Scotland, a wee bit!)

Have a great Thursday guys!





Good afternoon dear readers! Today I’m so happy because of the weather… It’s so warm, it feels like summer! Last week it was sunny and beautiful, but still cold. Today I went to Irvine with my boyfriend because he had his English class. We then went to ASDA to buy a couple things and to wash the car (it’s been almost two months since he last washed it on the outside! Record-breaking for a car-addicted like him). I’d like to share my first spring look with you! It’s very, very simple actually but I couldn’t wait to wear my new clothes. My trousers are by Zara (these are 2 years old), my shirt and knee-long cardigan by Primark and the boots are from a mall in Switzerland but I can’t remember the brand, sorry!

What a beautiful, warm day
Tea time

I hope to find a job soon, I’ve sent some CVs but didn’t get any answer for the moment. I think I’ll go directly to the places I’ve sent the CVs to to hand them in person, because that works better for sure. For now I’m focusing on writing the blog, taking good photos, cooking healthy food (don’t look at the above picture, it’s just a snack haha!), reading and looking after the house, my boyfriend and my cat. I can’t say I get bored but I really feel like starting a job or doing something that brings positive feelings into my life. I’d like to start taking some classes (I’ll tell you more soon, for the moment I’m still quite superstitious! 🙂 ) and doing more sports in the meantime, I hope the weather will keep being nice and warm so I’ll start running along the prom.

I hope you’re having a good mid-week. I’m happy because tomorrow we’ll be meeting my Scottish-English cousin and her two kids for a drink (my boyfriend has never met them, it’ll be a good opportunity to practice English). She came here for the Easter holidays, I’ve last seen her on Lake Como in July!

Have a good evening guys,




Beginning the week

Good evening guys, how are you? I must say today I woke up fine, while yesterday I was in a very bad mood, a mixture of sadness and boredom. I think that various factors got on me: my friends going back to Italy, the cloudy sky after a week of beautiful sun, Sunday (day that sometimes I find a bit depressing). I really didn’t know what to do with myself. I stayed in my pijamas almost all day, then at 16pm I tried to perk up and I dressed properly, put my headphones on to listen to some music and I cleaned the kitchen. But I must say I’ve had better days. The situation got better during the night, when at 2am my boyfriend and I got up to see the first episode of Game of Thrones simultaneously with the USA on Sky. I know, we’re a bit crazy, as a matter of fact when the alarm sounded I said “No, I don’t care, I’ll see it tomorrow at 8pm” but then I changed my mind because the temptation was just too strong…Ahah! I won’t tell you anything about the first episode because I don’t want to spoiler, I hate spoilers myself! I’ll just tell you that I was so emotional for seeing all the characters… GOT is one of the few series/movies that gives me goose bumps, really. Beside this, today my boyfriend started his English classes and I am very happy for him, I hope he will keep being motivated… Right know he’s improving his English so fast. It’s seven on them in class and I think this is a great thing because the teacher can focus on each of them more carefully. While he was doing his 2 hour class I waited for him in the car and I didn’t even got bored because I had brought my laptop to watch the latest videos of one of my favourite youtubers, her channel is called ShantiLives, it’s in Italian! If you know Italian and you are interested in personal development, love&emotions and the LGBT community, you should really check her out. She puts me in the best mood! After watching Shanti’s videos I read the book that my friend brought me as a gift last Monday. It’s called Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I’m really enjoying it, it’s very different from the kind of books that I usually read and it makes me think over and reflect. I find it challenging and very interesting and I’m also happy to read it because I had started a new thriller but it didn’t catch me much, it’s called The cutting edge. The last thriller that I read (You were gone, totally recommended!) was much better because it was psychological and it also talked about feelings, not a pure detective book. Moreover it was set in London, my favourite city, while this is set in New York. Actually, I bought it because it said that it was psychological and I liked the plot but the first pages weren’t special. But maybe I’ll change my mind while going on with it!

This evening we had dinner very early, as we’d skipped lunch. This morning we had late breakfast, got ready and then left home to go to the English classes and then to do the shopping at Tesco’s.

For dinner we had meat-free sausage rolls, potato waffles, salad and fresh bread with hummus. It’s been a month and a half since I’ve last had this kind of fresh bread in Italy… It’s so simple yet so delicious.

Vegan products

I bought a Cleansing Face Wash and a Cleansing Micellar Water at Tesco’s, as they were cheap and vegan. I’ve just finished my lovely, “high tech natural” face wash from Dr Joseph Sudtirol and I don’t want to spend too much for now so I didn’t order it online (I’m not even sure they would deliver it to the UK from Italy). I hope they will be good for my skin, I’ll let you know! I also bought a vegan shampoo, as that was finished, too.

What about you? How was your Monday? Comment below if you have a spare moment.

I’m off to a hot bath with a lighted, perfumed candle and some youtube videos now… Have a great evening guys!




What to know before bringing your cat to the UK

Hey there! I’ve thought about writing this post because I believe that somebody might be interested in this. The 5th of March my boyfriend, my cat Minnie and I left Lake Como to come to Scotland. We drove across Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. We then took the P&O night ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. First of all, let me tell you that the journey has been quite stressful, but it doesn’t have to be like that for everybody. Since we didn’t come here for a short holiday but we are staying at least for some months (it depends on Brexit, work and how we’ll settle here) my boyfriend’s car was absolutely filled with luggage. We managed to secure the cat carrier between our seats, but behind, fastened with some belts. The position was quite handy because I could easily check on her while my boyfriend was driving, I could give her food, water or take her in my arms. Also, it was safe and the carrier wasn’t moving at all thanks to the belts (my bf thought about this). The vet made a prescription for us, we gave her a tranquilizer at 8am when leaving home but unfortunately it didn’t make her sleep and, as she hates the car, she was meowing the whole time. After 10 or 12 hours of journey we arrived in Rotterdam, where we spent a night in a b&b because it was too late to catch the ferry (which travels at night, it leaves at 9pm and arrives in Hull at 8am). We decided to catch the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull instead of the one from Calais to Dover because Hull is in the north of England, for those of you who may not know, so that we didn’t have to drive again for eight hours from Dover to Scotland. Also, we could sleep and rest on the ferry while covering miles. The night in Rotterdam has been a blessing for us, because we washed Minnie (who, poor baby, had dirtied herself during the journey) and she has been able to walk and stretch her legs during the night and the following day (we requested a late check out at 3pm). We found an animal-frienldy hotel near the Europoort so that she could stay free in the room with us.

What do you need to bring a cat to the UK? I had read it all on the P&O ferries website, on the Gov.uk page and on various blogs.

  • He needs to be microchipped
  • He needs a European passport
  • He needs an anti-rabies vaccine (given at least 21 days before the journey)

They say on their websites that dogs also need the tapeworm vaccine, but not cats. When we arrived at the Europoort at 5pm on the 6th of March we had to check-in Minnie at the main reception and that’s when I got such a fright (and anger) because after showing the lady at the counter the European passport and telling her that she had been vaccinated and microchipped, that is to say every single requirement that you read on the Gov.uk “Take your pet abroad” page and on the P&O ferries “Taking your pet with us” page, she asked if Minnie had had a certain vaccination. I later understood that she was talking about Drontal for cats (a wormer which the vet thankfully had given her one day before we left Italy). She said “I don’t think she can travel” but then she checked on the passport, or on her health book, can’t remember, and she said “Oh, ok Drontal cats” and counted wiith her fingers how many hours had passed since the vet had given that to Minnie.

Now, let me tell you that I sent various angry emails to P&O ferries and to the UK government websites because on their site they expressively say that all a cat needs to enter the UK is what I told you before and NOTHING else. After 12 hours of driving and one night in Rotterdam we managed to board the ship only because my holy vet didn’t want us to run any risks and so he decided to give Minnie the Drontal cat wormer.

So, I hope this article has been useful for you or for anyone you know who wants to bring their cat from Italy or other European countries to the UK (at least for now, as after Brexit I guess something will change).

Have a good evening,





Good morning dear readers! How are you doing? This morning I woke up at 8.30am after a great night’s sleep. Last night I went to bed at 10.30am (earlier than usual) and I’ve read for half an hour before sleeping, I think that helped. Yesterday we bought a king size duvet (even if the bed is a double) and that was also the reason I slept so well, the double size duvet was too small, so I was always waking up because of the cold in the middle of the night. I also bought a lovely and funny brushed cotton duvet set (I think cotton is not warm enough for Scotland) with otters on it. I have always loved otters, I find them so sweet and adorable, swimming with their tummies up and holding hands… Only thinking about them warms my heart! I love Mackays duvet sets, they really are original and beautiful. We’ve got many at home, with deers, too…It was 50% off the original price so that convinced me even more.

Duvet set with otters on it
My latest addiction (and curse)
Tea time

I’m starting to notice that, since I arrived to Scotland, I’m not cooking at all. I mean yes, I cook the occasional vegetables and pasta and I put things in the oven and not in the microwave, but I haven’t prepared, baked or knead anything with my hands. Moreover, I’ve started buying processed, unhealthy frozen-food, chocolate and biscuits… I really need to stop buying those and go back to a healthier, more natural way of eating. Okay, we are eating salad, hummus, organic cheese, organic eggs, fruit and vegetables, too. But the problem is, I find so many ready-to-eat dishes in the supermarkets and that really makes you think “Why should I cook for two hours when I can put this pre-prepared dish in the oven for 40 minutes while I do my stuff?”. In Italy I was cooking much more and I wasn’t buying candies, chocolate, biscuits… Maybe it’s the colder weather that is getting to me!

Actually, usually I love cooking. I think that it’s really satisfying and good for you to work on and prepare the food that you are going to eat later, you control the quantities: salt, sugar, butter and whatnot. Maybe the problem is that this home has been a holiday home for years and I’ve never cooked here and I’m going on with the habits that I have when I come to Scotland on holiday. But I need to keep in mind that this is not a holiday and my body needs healthy, non-processed food.

What about you? Do you like cooking? What are your eating habits?

Tell me all about it, I would love to know your ideas and get some suggestions.

Have a good Sunday,




Mac’n’cheese and shopping in Primark

Hello dear readers! How is your Saturday going? Our friends went back to Italy yesterday, we spent five lovely, busy days and we will miss them but I am grateful that they came to visit us. I will have some great memories of these days and look forward to seeing them again. This morning it has been a bit sad having breakfast without them but I got distracted by doing my chores, there was a lot of bedsheets and towels to wash and the house was generally quite dirty and untidy because we were always out and about and we had guests, so.

Today it’s another sunny, lovely day here in Scotland. We just came back home, we went into town because my boyfriend had to get his hair cut. In the meantime I went to a couple charity shops, there were some great books (at 99p!) but I obliged myself to wait before buying them because I’ve got THREE books on my bedside table that I need to finish first. Anyway, today I’d like to share with you some photos from Thursday. My friends, boyfriend and I went to Irvine for lunch and then we wanted to go to Ayr but my friend’s boy wasn’t feeling too well so we just stayed in Irvine instead and went to the mall. My friend’s other child, a 12 year old girl, was way happier because we went to Primark, which in Italy has only three stores!

We had lunch in GRO coffee. I really love both GRO both the Ship Inn in Irvine harbour but we decided to go to GRO because my friend loves organic food and it has a garden so that her boy could play outside. I prefer the Ship Inn during cold, rainy days because it’s so cozy and nice, with the fireplace and the wooden furniture.

Furry customers – one of the many things I love about GRO, that it’s dog friendly
Could we please take a moment to appreciate this cakes?

At Gro I had mac’n’cheese, while my friends had huge, delicious baked potatoes. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy but we still used the garden to play ball.

GRO is delightfully furnished, full of low sofas and stools…It’s so comfortable and feels like home, really. Plus you don’t have to cook and wash the dishes…AH!

Lovely, modern but cozy interior deisgn

This is what I bought from Primark (except a sweater that I’m wearing right now, it was on sale for 3 pounds):

My boyfriend also bought a Game of Thrones throw and 3 Dragon eggs tealights. Yes, I know we have been marketing slaves, BUT the final season is here and I’m afraid they won’t be doing collections from the series anytime soon after the final season ends, so… I know the magnets are not really useful but I will be so happy to think about GOT everytime I open my fridge. HA! Marie Kondo says you need to own only things that bring you joy, right? Well, Game of Thrones brings me joy. I’m proud of not having bought the pijamas actually. There was a pijama with the phrase “You know nothing Jon Snow” (Jon is my favourite character, I even went to see Kit Harington in theatre last November, in London) but it wasn’t special so I bought this pink one instead, which I find comfy (that’s why I bought a 10-12 instead of my usual 8-10). The trousers are a bit long for me because I’m quite short but I prefer my pijamas quite wide to be really comfortable at night.

That’s all guys,

I hope you’ll have a lovely Saturday night,




Wild flowers in the woods

Hello readers! How are you doing? I just wanted to share with you some photos that I took yesterday. My boyfriend, my dear friends and I went to Kelburn castle & country park, in Fairlie (near Largs). The sun was shining, it wasn’t windy… the weather was just perfect, really. Because of this reason I decided to bring my guests to the country park, where I’ve been going since I was a kid. I think it’s so nice, not only for children but for adults as well (if you like this kind of places). Yesterday there was the duck race (fake ducks!) and the hunt for the Giant Peach, in the Dream forest, included in the ticket. It’s a place for families and doggies.

The equestrian center, at the entrance of the park
The monument that the widow of the Earl of Glasgow had erected for her husband. There’s a love letter under the statue in which the wife praised his kindness as a father to their children
Kelburn castle, the coloured part has been done by four Brazilian graffiti artists

They say that the glen below Kelburn castle was one of the most romantic of Scotland, because of the wild flowers and the trees.

We made the “Who laid the egg?” trail in the woods and found out the secret word, there were wooden animals, each with a fun fact and a letter…Then we went to the gift shop to collect the prize! I’m not telling you what the prize is, just let me tell you that you’ll enjoy it but your dentist won’t. After the guessing game we visited the dream forest, which has been renovated since I’ve last been here.

House of Stark
Hey fluffy sheep
On the top of the tower of the Dream Forest

After our visit to the country park we had lunch at Scott’s, in Largs Yacht haven. I had sizzling vegetable fajitas and they were very good. We stayed alfresco because it was just the perfect weather to do so.

Largs Yacht Haven

Once we finished our late lunch (it was 5pm!) we headed to Largs to have an ice cream at Nardini’s and for a walk along the prom, it was packed!

That was our Wednesday… I hope you enjoyed my story.

What about you? Have you ever been to Largs? Comment below!

Have a lovely day guys!




A sunny day in Glasgow


Good evening guys! I hope everything is fine with you. We have our friends over so we are out and about all day long visiting and eating. What’s better than that?!

Yesterday we walked almost 8 miles on the beach, it was hot, there was no wind…Pure heaven.

On Monday my boyfriend and I went to Glasgow to meet my friend and her two kids and we spent a nice, sunny day in the city, even if it was a bit windy. We had lunch at the Willow tea room on Buchanan Street, I had an avocado on toast with eggs.

My boyfriend had the afternoon tea
The view from the Willow tree…Lovely isn’t? 😛
My friend had this amazing cheesecake

After lunch we went straight to Lush, but I didn’t buy anything because I’ve still got two bath bombs at home. We then headed to the GoMa, the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, which we visited quickly because it’s really small.

Buchanan Street
At the entrance of GoMa
Glasgow Museum of Modern Art
Andy Warhol

After the museum we went to Uphill with the subway to visit that part of town and Glasgow University, which I find absolutely wonderful. It’s the second time in two weeks that we go for a walk there. It really makes you wanna start a master….. ha! Everytime I’m in those beautiful courtyards I wonder about graduating there… It really looks like Hogwarts, to me. My grandma told me that her brother graduated in Glasgow University and then got married in the chapel! I didn’t know that for twenty-three years, not until now! Can you imagine?

The lovely houses of Uphill
Glasgow university
Glasgow University
Back in the centre, near Central Station
Pure talent

After our visit at the Chapel of the University we took the subway and went back to the centre, where we had a stop in Primark. I bought a knee-long cardigan and two blouses, which I can’t wait to wear, let’s hope that the weather will keep being as sunny and beautiful, yesterday and today really were special. My guests brought me luck!

Have you ever been to Glasgow? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments if you wish. Personally I prefer Edinburgh because of the architecture, the castle and the streets in general but I’m starting to enjoy this city as well and I hope to live it as much as possible this summer and in the next months. Beer gardens, marathons and festivals, here I come!

Have a great evening, dear readers.




New bed: before and after

Good morning dear readers!

I slept like a baby last night, what about you? I’m using a lavender Room spray that I bought in Sainsbury’s two weeks ago and maybe it’s helping. I’d like to buy a Pillow Spray though, because I love lavender so I would love to spray it onto fabric and sniff it before sleeping…

On Friday we had our new double bed delivered, I’m so happy. The other one was so old-fashioned (in a bad way, unlike the tea room in Troon, if you have read my previous post you’ll know) I really am like a child with her toys when it comes to home refurbishing, new appliances, new accessories… I love seeing a home blossom and I wouldn’t mind renovating homes as a job, but I don’t have an Interior design degree, so I’ll do it as a hobby! In my home in Italy I have a king size bed because the bedroom is bigger but here it would have been really too bulky so we opted for a double instead. I move so much during the night, turning and turning and disturbing my bf, poor thing, so a king size would have been ideal. This is an Ottoman bed and I’m really happy with it because the old one wasn’t so we didn’t know where to put all our stuff.

Anyway, let me show you the before and after photos.


And below you have the photos of the new bed. Fabric, modern, in a beautiful grey. We moved it to the other side of the room because it’s just more comfortable to walk around and to sit at the desk where I put my make-up on.


On Tuesday early morning the Council will come to collect the old one, just in time for one of my best friends and her kids to arrive (they’re coming to visit us from Italy tomorrow, I can’t wait, it’s our first visit since we’re here).

Have a great Sunday guys! What are you up to today? I would like to read your comments.




A tea room in Troon

Yes, I am short, but in my defence I must say the wall was very, very high.
Troon beach

Hello and happy Saturday dear readers!

Today we went to Troon, a little coastal village in South Ayrshire. What I love the most about it are the nice shops, the tea rooms and bakeries and the beautiful, sandy beach. Today it was packed with people, we had a walk along the prom and everybody was there with kids, dogs (swimming in the sea, too!) and it just makes me so happy to see happy dogs and families at the beach during the weekends, even if it was quite chilly and cloudy. Before walking to the beach we visited some shops, especially home interior shops, I would have bought everything, really. Candles, luxury armchairs, top quality body lotions and various accessories with deers (there was this coat hanger…..to die for).

We also saw the new “Game of Scones” book, a friend of ours told us about it just the other day! It’s a collection of recipes from Game of Thrones obviously (season 6, to be precise) and we were quite tempted of buying it, we’re always so curious and excited when it comes to GOT but I can only imagine which recipes it containes…Pidgeon pie, kidney and whatnot ahah! I’m not really into this kind of food, sorry. But you never know, maybe we’ll change our minds and buy it in the end because I guess there is also the lemon cakes recipe, Sansa’s favourites…LOL.

Anyway, after buying some candies and chocolate in Poundland we headed for Silver Spoons tearoom, because we were pretty hungry and it looked very nice from the outside.

Egg-mayonnaise sandwich and lentil soup for me

The food was very good (and cheap) but we were stuffed so unfortunately we didn’t get to try the cakes (my heart aches). Next time!

After the tea room we visited the Ayrshire Arts and Crafts Fair as the entrance was free and we were walking by. They had really nice things: food, pictures, cushions, jewelry and so on. I bought a present for one of my best friends as in May it’s her birthday (can’t say what it is…shhh!) and a wooden, handmade candle holder by Big Shed Crafts.

Ayrshire Arts and Crafts Fair
Is that a dolphin?! A seal? Oh no, it’s just a brave labrador 😛

Our walk along the prom has been quite short as it was really cold (at least for us, Italian standard, you know) and my boyfriend was in a hurry to get home and see his team football match.

What about you? What did you do today and what are your plans for tomorrow? I’m curious.

Have a lovely Saturday night, we are happily staying in and cosy,




Our new candle holder

Scotland, my beloved Scotland

Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter’s bridge)

Good afternoon dear readers!

I told you I was going to come back here soon, this morning I woke up so excited because of the blog, I really couldn’t wait to finish the chores at home to start writing… Let me tell you a bit of my situation now, so that you get to know me better. Almost one month ago I moved to Scotland with my boyfriend and my cat because I’ve got Scottish origins, my grandma is Scottish and has a house here, so we wanted to try this life experience. Until now I must say that Scotland has been so welcoming and generous with us, doing all the paperwork has been easy and we are very grateful to the Scottish people we have met. I’ve been coming countless times to Scotland to visit family, since I was a newborn, and my bf had been here twice with me, too. We would like to improve our English and do a job experience. This said, last week we went for a 3-day trip to the Highlands, so I would like to share my first travel story with you.


Last Monday we left the house at 9.30 because we didn’t want to wake up too early, also to avoid the Monday morning traffic. Our first stop has been in Duck Bay’s restaurant in Loch Lomond, one of my favourite restaurants. As we arrived at 11am, too early to have lunch, we had breakfast: pancakes with maple syrup and cappuccino (I must say we really miss italian bars to have a quick breakfast with a fresh croissant…but every country has its pros and cons :D)

After our breakfast we headed to Glen Coe, on the way we had a quick stop at the Green Welly Shop to get some water and a sandwich, because we didn’t want to stop again for lunch. The road wasn’t easy, it’s quite narrow and we noticed because there were A LOT of lorries, buses and cars…BUT we managed to reach Glen Coe, where we parked and had a nice (but steep) walk. Ok, I’m not an athlete, let me tell you this immediately… During our walk we saw some deers and I was so excited because I really love deers, I see many when I’m in Italy but never get to observe them, this time on the other hand we had a videocamera with us so we sat down and zoomed to observe them, it was so fascinating…

At the beginning of our walk (photo stolen from boyfriend)
Glen Coe
Tired after the walk (we were eating our sandwich)

After our walk (and the deer-watching) we headed to Fort William, we didn’t know where to sleep, while my bf was driving I checked out some homes on Airbnb but we wanted to stay very central so that we didn’t have to take the car to go out for dinner so we booked a hotel right in the centre…If only we knew…It was very expensive for what it offered, the photos didn’t match the reality and we definitely wouldn’t go back…But at least we had a nice bath and then a nice dinner in a pub which offered Mexican dishes, all washed down with a pint of beer. We were given a table by the window and it was raining outside…Lovely, pure Scottish night.


The following day we had two places we wanted to visit. The first was Glenfinnan Viaduct (yes, the Harry Potter’s bridge! :D)

After a 30-minute drive from Fort William we reached Glenfinnan, the weather was cloudy and it was slightly raining, but we are used to that, aren’t we? We walked for 15 minutes along a trail and reached a point from where we could see the bridge and the lake, it was absolutely beautiful. We even saw the train cross the bridge…Unfortunately it wasn’t the famous Jacobite because the service hasn’t started yet, it was just a standard train, but it was still very exciting. There were other tourists walking around, too.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

After visiting the bridge, we went by the lake to see the monument to Bonnie Prince Charlie (also known as Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart, thanks Wikipedia), maybe those of you who aren’t British won’t know, he claimed for the throne of Great Britain but was defeated near Inverness, in the famous Battle of Culloden, then escaped from Scotland. He died in Rome, actually.

After Glenfinnan we headed to our second destination for the day, the absolutely magnificent Eilean Donan Castle. Let me tell you, I wanted to visit this castle from many, many years (I only went there as a child with my parents, but can’t remember) but we were always coming to Scotland during winter so often it was closed or my relatives didn’t want to drive 4.30 hours to get there and I still didn’t have my driving licence…So, you can imagine my excitement!

We arrived there after driving for 1.30 hours, first we bought the tickets, then we had a very late lunch (we were sooo hungry) in the beautiful, wooden bar of the castle (you could see it in all its majestic beauty, from the main, big window).

Knock knock!

We couldn’t take photos inside, so you’ll have to go there yourself! It was beautiful because they gave you free audioguides (they’ve got them in Italian, too) and the castle has furniture in it, it still belongs to the MacRae family. The castle also appears in the American romance movie “Made of Honor”, with Patrick Dempsey, which I really like. But it has appeared in many other movies, as well.

After our visit and a 15-minute drive we then reached Kyle of Lochalsh to sleep in the (lovely) b&b we booked while driving. The owners were very sweet. Unfortunately we struggled to find a place to have dinner, everything was closed but there are few restaurants, actually. After wandering for 20 minutes we opted for an Indian restaurant which didn’t attract us much from the outside but I must say the papadams, naan and mint sauce were very good and the owners were very kind. Kyle of Lochalsh is the town where the Skye bridge to reach the Isle of Skye is (I thought you could reach it only by ferry, what a great news! They actually opened it in 1995, the year I was born btw :D)


We didn’t visit the Isle of Skye because we didn’t want to add hours to the long journey back home and because it was raining cats and dogs, so we headed back home but on the road we stopped at Doune Castle because… Game of Thrones fans will know already… That’s where the pilot episode of GOT was recorded! I was soooo excited! Unfortunately I don’t have photos to show you because my phone was dead…That’s so me!
Well, these was a summary of our three day trip to the Highlands… I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great evening, guys!


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