Thai trip: Wat Phra Singh and Chiang Mai’s Walled Old City

Hello dear readers!

Today I’ll write about our last day in Chiang Mai, when we visited the Wat Phra Singh temple, in the Old City. It’s placed near a very noisy, busy road but the walled old part of the town has some beautiful little streets where you felt like you were in a rural village. It has been my favourite temple among the ones that I’ve seen in Thailand, because I just loved the atmosphere. It’s the kind of places you read about in novels and, even if there was a high school nearby and a busy road, too, it still was really quiet. I loved seeing the monks with their beautiful orange, traditional ropes walking among the gardens, studying, reading and praying in the temples. There were also some tables where you could speak with monks and ask them questions about life. Even if I’m not a Buddhist, I lighted a candle and some incense. The place was really spiritual and I felt like I was in a church, it really didn’t make a difference to me, which religion I belong to… I hope to give you a sense of that through the photos, even if I know it’s difficult.

Inside – look at the wallpaper! (Can we call it wallpaper?)
Candles and incense

You could buy incense and candles with a small offer.

This was my favourite part…
So peaceful and spiritual
Monks studying.
There were a lot of quotes hanging on trees

After our visit to the temple we went for a lovely traditional Thai massage at Lila Thai Ex-Inmate Employment Center, they have got 8 (!!!) centres in Chiang Mai and we hadn’t even planned to have a massage but we exited the temple and we just found it in front of us.

I really believe this is great for women who were former inmates, as it gives them the opportunity to start a new life and to have their own salaries. The idea of opening this array of salons was of the former director of Chiang Mai Women’s Prison and it helps women who were in jail because of the criminal activities of their husbands (but also because of other reasons, mostly drug related). Choosing which massage to do has been very hard because it was one better than the other, really. I would have done all of the beauty treatments, as well, because the salon was so cheap. We spent 17 pounds (19 euros) for a 2-hour massage. I’d move to Asia right away just for the prices of the massages. I must say it was a bit hard at times, I personally prefer a Balinese massage, but could you go to Thailand and not try a traditional Thai massage? NO. The salon is really relaxing, well kept and my masseuse was kind and professional, she couldn’t speak English but there wasn’t much to say and we communicated through gestures…HA! I’m an Italian, after all.

After our massage we were extremely relaxed, but hungry. It was so hot… We walked to a nice guesthouse with a restaurant (and a pool) where we had been for lunch on our first day, called Good morning Chiang Mai. As we appreciated the food, we went back!

After lunch we went back to the hotel to relax and rest a little bit, and to enjoy the pool. I was reading a very nice book. On our last night in Chiang Mai we had a lovely dinner in town, in a very nice restaurant called Dash! (as a matter of fact it was full and we had to wait 15 minutes). We had spring rolls and two Mai Tais, of course! Our first, original Mai Tais. To be honest, as the prices from Grab taxis (it’s like Uber, we discovered this app in Bali) were so cheap, we weren’t even walking from the hotel into town anymore! It was so handy. I know, we are lazy people, but we were walking miles during the day and I was also afraid of stepping onto a mouse (I love animals and I wouldn’t do a mouse any bad, but, just stay away from me because I’m scared, I can’t help it…Haha!)

The food was absolutely delicious

Ok dear readers, I’m done with my storytelling about Chiang Mai. Next time we’ll fly to Cambodia, stay with me!!!



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