Breakfast at the Waterside Hotel

Don’t you love it when you end up with an empty fridge and you’ve got an excuse to go out for a meal? I surely do! Yesterday Gabriele (my boyfriend) didn’t have his English class, because his teacher couldn’t be there, so we decided to go out for breakfast. I had been at the Waterside Hotel, in West Kilbride, only once with my grandmother but, as it was winter, we were eating inside. While this time we could enjoy the beautiful outdoor beer garden, right in front of the sea. If you follow me on Instagram (@camyinwonderwblog) you’ll have seen my stories about it already. I just loved it! I had a Vegetarian Breakfast, while Gabriele had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. We also had tea and a cappuccino.

I really loved the atmosphere of the place, it was really quiet and relaxing, with some families, doggies and group of friends chatting. But it was not busy at all, which we loved.

The beach beside the hotel (I didn’t have enough zoom, sorry)

From the Waterside’s beer garden you’ve got beautiful views on the Isle of Arran, which never tire me. We could also see people enjoying the sun on the beach right beside the hotel.

After our brunch we went back home because I had to register a video assessment, while Gabriele studied a little bit. In the evening we went do the shopping at ASDA’s. It was a simple but very nice Wednesday. Before moving to Scotland I was very worried about the weather and its implications on my mood but so far (we arrived here more or less two months ago) we have been so lucky. I hope it’s not global warming… In the end it’s the middle of May now, right?

I really wanted the special copy. I love them, they look like a sweet, great couple, and I’ve always had a little crush on Harry…Ahah! Congratulations Harry & Meghan!! xx

Have a nice evening, guys.

Thanks for reading,



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