Last day in Cambodia

On the top of the Baphuon – I really liked this part, it almost looks like a sculpture of modern art, don’t you think?

Here I am writing the last chapter of our five day trip to Cambodia, before going back to Thailand to enjoy our well-deserved relaxing part of the trip, on the heavenly beaches of Koh Kood.

On our last day of visiting the temples we have seen the Angkor Thom complex, the Baphuon, the Preah Khan and we’ve also seen the sunset from the top of one of them (if I remember right it was the Pre Rup temple). It was very funny because while there someone called me: “Camilla?!” and I was like “Who the hell knows me on the top of a temple, at sunset time, in Angkor, Cambodia?!”

It was the American couple sitting next to me on the plane from Bangkok to Siem Reap! It really is a small world.

I was very happy to have experienced both the sunrise and the sunset in Angkor, as every respectable guide says they are unmissable. I would recommend experiencing both, even if I think I liked the sunset better (but maybe that’s just because I’m not an early bird…Ahah!)

On our way to the Angkor Thom

On our way to the Angkor Thom we have seen a man riding an elephant, he must use it to sell elephant rides to the tourists. I found that extremely sad, because after visiting Maerim Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai ( ) I knew that these animals are not meant to be ridden. I still would never have ridden an elephant before visiting the sanctuary, but after going there I learned that their backs are not fit to hold weights and the “training” to get an elephant to accept someone on their back involves being hurt with hooks and beaten. Please, when you travel think about the way you spend your money, because remember: when there is demand, the offer increases. I wish nobody would ride elephants anymore nowadays. You can visit Angkor on a bicycle, on a van, on a tuk tuk (like we did), on a rickshaw or on a car! Why exploiting a poor elephant?

On the Baphuon (you’ll find very steep staircases! Not very nice if you suffer from vertigo)

While walking between these columns I hit my head so hard! My boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing (no, but he was worried, too). You see that arch? There’s a step below it…well I jumped on it with too much energy! And I’m not even tall.

Preah Khan

I really loved this end to the day: the temple that you reach through this elevated walkway is very different from the other ones. It was also a very quiet time.

Goodbye Angkor!

The following day has been SO stressful: moving from Siem Reap to Trat, Thailand, to catch our ferry to Koh Kood (which we have missed). We spent so many hours on a bus from a rubbish company. But I’ll tell you about this in the next post.

Have a lovely Sunday,



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