Living room: before and after

Interior design is as big love of mine. Since we arrived in the UK from Italy in March my boyfriend and I have done a lot of work in the house that my grandma has here in Scotland and in which we’re currently living. It won’t be the house of our life but we like to live in a cosy, comfortable and aesthetically beautiful space so we’ve done some renovation. The main changes have been:

And now…

  • the sitting room! There’s a new carpet, new windows (old ones were letting cold air and rain in…Scottish weather!), new TV and the old-fashioned display cabinet/TV unit has been replaced by a lovely second-hand piece of furniture that we found in a charity shop for just 70£.

Enjoy the before and after photos! The blog post about the kitchen will arrive…

BEFORE (old carpet, mustard-y yellow)


New tv, old carpet – temporary solution
We found this like new wooden piece of furniture in a second-hand shop



BEFORE (old carpet)

AFTER (new carpet)

What do you think of the renovation? Do you like interior design? Tell me in the comments, I’m curious!

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