Wild flowers in the woods

Hello readers! How are you doing? I just wanted to share with you some photos that I took yesterday. My boyfriend, my dear friends and I went to Kelburn castle & country park, in Fairlie (near Largs). The sun was shining, it wasn’t windy… the weather was just perfect, really. Because of this reason I decided to bring my guests to the country park, where I’ve been going since I was a kid. I think it’s so nice, not only for children but for adults as well (if you like this kind of places). Yesterday there was the duck race (fake ducks!) and the hunt for the Giant Peach, in the Dream forest, included in the ticket. It’s a place for families and doggies.

The equestrian center, at the entrance of the park
The monument that the widow of the Earl of Glasgow had erected for her husband. There’s a love letter under the statue in which the wife praised his kindness as a father to their children
Kelburn castle, the coloured part has been done by four Brazilian graffiti artists

They say that the glen below Kelburn castle was one of the most romantic of Scotland, because of the wild flowers and the trees.

We made the “Who laid the egg?” trail in the woods and found out the secret word, there were wooden animals, each with a fun fact and a letter…Then we went to the gift shop to collect the prize! I’m not telling you what the prize is, just let me tell you that you’ll enjoy it but your dentist won’t. After the guessing game we visited the dream forest, which has been renovated since I’ve last been here.

House of Stark
Hey fluffy sheep
On the top of the tower of the Dream Forest

After our visit to the country park we had lunch at Scott’s, in Largs Yacht haven. I had sizzling vegetable fajitas and they were very good. We stayed alfresco because it was just the perfect weather to do so.

Largs Yacht Haven

Once we finished our late lunch (it was 5pm!) we headed to Largs to have an ice cream at Nardini’s and for a walk along the prom, it was packed!

That was our Wednesday… I hope you enjoyed my story.

What about you? Have you ever been to Largs? Comment below!

Have a lovely day guys!



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