Mac’n’cheese and shopping in Primark

Hello dear readers! How is your Saturday going? Our friends went back to Italy yesterday, we spent five lovely, busy days and we will miss them but I am grateful that they came to visit us. I will have some great memories of these days and look forward to seeing them again. This morning it has been a bit sad having breakfast without them but I got distracted by doing my chores, there was a lot of bedsheets and towels to wash and the house was generally quite dirty and untidy because we were always out and about and we had guests, so.

Today it’s another sunny, lovely day here in Scotland. We just came back home, we went into town because my boyfriend had to get his hair cut. In the meantime I went to a couple charity shops, there were some great books (at 99p!) but I obliged myself to wait before buying them because I’ve got THREE books on my bedside table that I need to finish first. Anyway, today I’d like to share with you some photos from Thursday. My friends, boyfriend and I went to Irvine for lunch and then we wanted to go to Ayr but my friend’s boy wasn’t feeling too well so we just stayed in Irvine instead and went to the mall. My friend’s other child, a 12 year old girl, was way happier because we went to Primark, which in Italy has only three stores!

We had lunch in GRO coffee. I really love both GRO both the Ship Inn in Irvine harbour but we decided to go to GRO because my friend loves organic food and it has a garden so that her boy could play outside. I prefer the Ship Inn during cold, rainy days because it’s so cozy and nice, with the fireplace and the wooden furniture.

Furry customers – one of the many things I love about GRO, that it’s dog friendly
Could we please take a moment to appreciate this cakes?

At Gro I had mac’n’cheese, while my friends had huge, delicious baked potatoes. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy but we still used the garden to play ball.

GRO is delightfully furnished, full of low sofas and stools…It’s so comfortable and feels like home, really. Plus you don’t have to cook and wash the dishes…AH!

Lovely, modern but cozy interior deisgn

This is what I bought from Primark (except a sweater that I’m wearing right now, it was on sale for 3 pounds):

My boyfriend also bought a Game of Thrones throw and 3 Dragon eggs tealights. Yes, I know we have been marketing slaves, BUT the final season is here and I’m afraid they won’t be doing collections from the series anytime soon after the final season ends, so… I know the magnets are not really useful but I will be so happy to think about GOT everytime I open my fridge. HA! Marie Kondo says you need to own only things that bring you joy, right? Well, Game of Thrones brings me joy. I’m proud of not having bought the pijamas actually. There was a pijama with the phrase “You know nothing Jon Snow” (Jon is my favourite character, I even went to see Kit Harington in theatre last November, in London) but it wasn’t special so I bought this pink one instead, which I find comfy (that’s why I bought a 10-12 instead of my usual 8-10). The trousers are a bit long for me because I’m quite short but I prefer my pijamas quite wide to be really comfortable at night.

That’s all guys,

I hope you’ll have a lovely Saturday night,



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