Beginning the week

Good evening guys, how are you? I must say today I woke up fine, while yesterday I was in a very bad mood, a mixture of sadness and boredom. I think that various factors got on me: my friends going back to Italy, the cloudy sky after a week of beautiful sun, Sunday (day that sometimes I find a bit depressing). I really didn’t know what to do with myself. I stayed in my pijamas almost all day, then at 16pm I tried to perk up and I dressed properly, put my headphones on to listen to some music and I cleaned the kitchen. But I must say I’ve had better days. The situation got better during the night, when at 2am my boyfriend and I got up to see the first episode of Game of Thrones simultaneously with the USA on Sky. I know, we’re a bit crazy, as a matter of fact when the alarm sounded I said “No, I don’t care, I’ll see it tomorrow at 8pm” but then I changed my mind because the temptation was just too strong…Ahah! I won’t tell you anything about the first episode because I don’t want to spoiler, I hate spoilers myself! I’ll just tell you that I was so emotional for seeing all the characters… GOT is one of the few series/movies that gives me goose bumps, really. Beside this, today my boyfriend started his English classes and I am very happy for him, I hope he will keep being motivated… Right know he’s improving his English so fast. It’s seven on them in class and I think this is a great thing because the teacher can focus on each of them more carefully. While he was doing his 2 hour class I waited for him in the car and I didn’t even got bored because I had brought my laptop to watch the latest videos of one of my favourite youtubers, her channel is called ShantiLives, it’s in Italian! If you know Italian and you are interested in personal development, love&emotions and the LGBT community, you should really check her out. She puts me in the best mood! After watching Shanti’s videos I read the book that my friend brought me as a gift last Monday. It’s called Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I’m really enjoying it, it’s very different from the kind of books that I usually read and it makes me think over and reflect. I find it challenging and very interesting and I’m also happy to read it because I had started a new thriller but it didn’t catch me much, it’s called The cutting edge. The last thriller that I read (You were gone, totally recommended!) was much better because it was psychological and it also talked about feelings, not a pure detective book. Moreover it was set in London, my favourite city, while this is set in New York. Actually, I bought it because it said that it was psychological and I liked the plot but the first pages weren’t special. But maybe I’ll change my mind while going on with it!

This evening we had dinner very early, as we’d skipped lunch. This morning we had late breakfast, got ready and then left home to go to the English classes and then to do the shopping at Tesco’s.

For dinner we had meat-free sausage rolls, potato waffles, salad and fresh bread with hummus. It’s been a month and a half since I’ve last had this kind of fresh bread in Italy… It’s so simple yet so delicious.

Vegan products

I bought a Cleansing Face Wash and a Cleansing Micellar Water at Tesco’s, as they were cheap and vegan. I’ve just finished my lovely, “high tech natural” face wash from Dr Joseph Sudtirol and I don’t want to spend too much for now so I didn’t order it online (I’m not even sure they would deliver it to the UK from Italy). I hope they will be good for my skin, I’ll let you know! I also bought a vegan shampoo, as that was finished, too.

What about you? How was your Monday? Comment below if you have a spare moment.

I’m off to a hot bath with a lighted, perfumed candle and some youtube videos now… Have a great evening guys!



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