Good afternoon dear readers! Today I’m so happy because of the weather… It’s so warm, it feels like summer! Last week it was sunny and beautiful, but still cold. Today I went to Irvine with my boyfriend because he had his English class. We then went to ASDA to buy a couple things and to wash the car (it’s been almost two months since he last washed it on the outside! Record-breaking for a car-addicted like him). I’d like to share my first spring look with you! It’s very, very simple actually but I couldn’t wait to wear my new clothes. My trousers are from Zara (these are 2 years old), my white blouse from Primark and the boots are from a mall in Switzerland but I can’t remember the brand, sorry!

What a beautiful, warm day
Tea time

I hope to find a job soon, I’ve sent some CVs but didn’t get any answer for the moment. I think I’ll go directly to the places I’ve sent the CVs to to hand them in person, because that works better for sure. For now I’m focusing on writing the blog, taking good photos, cooking healthy food (don’t look at the above picture, it’s just a snack haha!), reading and looking after the house, my boyfriend and my cat. I can’t say I get bored but I really feel like starting a job or doing something that brings positive feelings into my life. I’d like to start taking some classes (I’ll tell you more soon, for the moment I’m still quite superstitious! 🙂 ) and doing more sports in the meantime, I hope the weather will keep being nice and warm so I’ll start running along the prom.

I hope you’re having a good mid-week. I’m happy because tomorrow we’ll be meeting my Scottish cousin and her two kids (my boyfriend has never met them, it’ll be a good opportunity to practice English). She’s coming here from England for the Easter holidays. I’ve last seen her on Lake Como in July!

Have a good evening guys,



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