Saltcoats beach, Ardrossan castle and spring blossoms

Good evening dear readers! I hope you’re having a great Good Friday. Today the beach was packed because of the Easter holidays and because it was the best weather ever. If only I think about the 7th of March, when we first stepped foot on the Scottish soil… It was so cold! I wasn’t feeling this warm in Scotland since I was a kid, because during the last decade I was always traveling to other places in summer and, even if we were coming here, we were quite unlucky with the weather. Today I was wearing flip-flops and then walking barefoot on the sand… I felt like I was on holiday in a sunny location, really. I hope this summer will be like today most of the time… Too optimistic? Could be. But enough talking about the weather. My eyes are red, and hurt, because I’ve used my laptop/telephone from this morning at 7.40. I read so many job offers, evaluated them, chose which ones to go for, edited my CVs on my laptop, on Indeed, on other websites… Then I helped my boyfriend doing the same. I’ve really exaggerated with my screen time today, but I really wanted to show you the photos that I took this afternoon while walking along the beach and up to Ardrossan castle (unfortunately it’s just ruins now, but there is a nice view and park there). This will be a mostly photographic blogpost.

I love seeing the hills with the windmills back there
I’ve always wanted a barefoot kind of life 😛
New pink blouse from Primark (and the
knee long cardigan that you’ve seen two posts ago)
One dog is swimming, can you spot his head? lol
It’s nice to see dry sand once in a while
That’s one of my favourite cars along with Wranglers… The Land Rover Defender (my dad had it!)
That’s Ardrossan “castle” up there
The lovely windmills
The ferry coming back to Ardrossan from the Isle of Arran
A postcard
A bit of history class now, guys! 😛
I live for little corners like this one… Pink, purple, yellow flowers

That’s it, guys. Now I’ll have a hot bath and then I think we’re off to bed because we’re quite tired because of the CV editing and job-hunting. Fingers crossed! By the way, I’m very happy because last night we met my Scottish cousin and her hubby for a drink and we had a great time. What had to be a quick drink evolved in a three-hour stay! We chatted a lot and it was just so nice to get ready to get out with someone in the evening, that’s what we miss about Italy! Friends, relatives, our dog… Actually I’m even happier because tomorrow a dear friend of mine is coming to visit us from Switzerland for a few days and we’ll go to a football match with my cousin and her hubby, my uncle and my friend, too! I’ve never been to a Scottish football match (well, actually I’ve also been just to ONE Italian football match, Ac Milan VS Verona in San Siro, Milan!)

Told you today on Instagram stories that there were people in the sea!

Have a good night!



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