6 things to do when you’re sad

Good afternoon guys! Today I’d like to share with you some ways, that I find very useful, to boost my morale when I’m feeling down. If they work for me, they might as well work for you. I’d like to talk about feeling sad because I felt sad on Sunday myself and I think that it’s important to deal with this topic, this is one of the things that I love the most about my favourite youtubers or bloggers. We are human and it’s okay and perfectly normal to have a bad day: live it, don’t deny it and the next one (or the next week) will be better.

  1. Reading

I feel that when I’m sad I get distracted too easily while watching movies or a tv series, my mind runs away and spins around and I often pick up my mobile phone and lose the picture of the movie. Reading really works better for me. When you read a good book you just dive into the plot and the characters and that brings you far away from your worries and bad thoughts. Also, a movie lasts only 90-120 minutes but with a good book you are busy for hours, if you feel like reading. But, I must say that there is an exception, that is, watching your big faves in television (Bridget Jones always cheers me up and gives me hope, to be honest. Laughing and crying with Bridget, that’s so good for me. I think watching Game of Thrones would be great, too, because the characters deal with so many terrible tragedies…it instantly makes your problems look smaller).

2. Walking at the beach or in the woods

A second great way to get distracted from sadness, in my opinion, is to wear sneakers, a comfortable outfit and to get out of the house. I think that staying in all day when you’re sad makes you feel paranoid and even more miserable. Fresh air is always good for you, so try to get to your nearest park, beach or wood. When I’m in Italy I’ve got a wood 10 minutes from home, I’ve done that path countless times, on beautiful days and on horrible days (I mean emotionally), it’s a very steep walk and going back home after to take a shower and wash away all the sweat is so satisfying that it gives you the motivation to go the next time. Here in Scotland, on the other hand, I live in front of the beach and I love it (as you can see from my caption, I’m a big fan of salt water…ha!) but sometimes I miss the trees of Lake Como!

3. Run yourself a hot bath (or a long shower)

The water is so good for us: seeing the sea, a lake or a river, going to a spa or even having a nice, long bath or a relaxing shower is something I totally recommend. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling a bit down and I wear my pyjamas I find my day even more depressing. So, put your pyjamas under your pillow and take it out only in the evening! Choose a nice, perfumed shower gel, bath foam (vegan, please! Be kind ❤ ) or a Lush bath bomb, and light a candle. If you have a bath tub, bring your book with you, or put some music on, or watch your favourite youtube videos or series. If you have a shower, put some music on and indulge in a perfumed scrub or a nice hair mask.

4. Make yourself pretty

This one could sound shallow, but I honestly think that showering, choosing your favourite clothes (no, the pyjamas doesn’t count!) and working with your hands and make-up, to get you well-groomed and even more beautiful than you are, is a great solution. Our actions influence our mind, our body influences our mind. So, get prepared as if you were meeting someone, even if that day you’ll be alone, and you’ll see that you’ll feel better, more productive and your desire to stay in bed all day will fade. (Sometimes it’s good to stay in bed and sleep when you’re not feeling well, but give yourself a limit).

5. Clean your house

Maybe you’ll think that I’m crazy because having to clean your house would make you feel even sadder…ahah! But, believe me, living in a clean and tidy space helps your mind getting “cleaner and tidier”. Make your bed, open the windows to let fresh air in, fold the throw on your sofa, place your cushions as you like them and make the kitchen shine, so that you’ll feel like cooking something.

6. Cooking

As I was saying for make-up, working with hands is very therapeutic in my opinion, because it brings the attention away from our mind and into our hands. So, cooking is a big one for me. And after having kneaded, baked in the oven or stir fried you can eat your delicious creation, too!

So, I hope that the next time that you feel sad (I hope as late as possible) you will think about some of these ways that usually help me feeling better, to feel better, too. I know, talking to others is easy but putting into practice not so much, but I hope that it’ll help even just a little bit (or as we say here in Scotland, a wee bit!)

Have a great Thursday guys!



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