Autumnal colours

I think my love for autumn has begun this year. Last year it was still emerging, I started craving roasted chestnuts, hot chocolates with whipped cream and walks on the crunchy, red leaves more, but this year it has definitely exploded.

Trying to rock that perfect pensive, absorbed look…

I’m not sure if it’s because in Scotland autumnal colours are richer and stronger, if it’s because as growing up I’m learning to love the cold even more, staying in, going for quiet walks and all these things that when you’re a teenager you are not interested in. Well, as an introvert I have always loved staying in, movies on the sofas with friends instead of the disco, tea, throw and quietness. But of course as a teenager you try to get to know yourself and I’ve had my “party animal” period, as well. I think that when I was younger I was so worried about crushes, problems with friends, school, homework and nightlife that I wasn’t even looking in front of my nose to notice the changes of seasons. I wasn’t appreciating the leaves turning colours, landscapes changing and all the signs that autumn had arrived.

It’s nice to grow up and to learn to pay attention to the gifts of nature, leaving your egocentric, self-oriented self behind. This is just a thought that came to my mind in the past couple days. My camera roll is exploding with photos of autumnal landscapes, pumpkins and Halloween costumes!

And then… we finished the day with a nice, hot chocolate (for me, and a beer for him… whatever :-P)



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