Wild camping on the Isle of Arran

Hello dear readers,

here I am after a long break, I want to apologise about that. I’ve got quite a lot of news in my life: I left my job (that I had started in July) and I went back to university in mid-September. This is why I’ve been absent from here: I’ve had a lot of things and studying to do and a new routine to get used to. I hope that this choice of going back-to-school will help me find a better job in the future, as only with my Bachelor I didn’t find what I was looking for. But beside this, I am fine, happy with my choice and still enjoying Bonnie Scotland.

Sunrise under the Goat Fell

Today I’d like to share some photos about our wild camping on the amazing Isle of Arran. Yes, it’s the third blog post about Arran, sorry but it’s just so beautiful that I can’t resist it. It was the first time we were doing wild camping in Scotland and it has been special. Waking up and seeing breathtaking landscapes, just under the Goat Fell…I recommend it.

Our tent – it’s for four people but it was just the two of us.

Let me tell you that before going wild camping I was a bit anxious: you know, just the two of us, no dogs, darkness, plain nature… I also woke up during the night at 2 o’clock, to be honest, but then I went back to sleep and everything went well. My boyfriend encouraged me and said that wild nature is much safer than any busy, crowded city. It makes sense! I don’t think criminals and killers bother hiking and climbing in the night for hours to go searching IF there is any tent nearby. LOL

We arrived in Arran with a late ferry, at 7pm more or less, but it was OK because the days were still long. We walked for 1.30hours and reached a spot that we liked. We prepared the tent (at that point it was dark: stressful but funny at the same time) and ate two paninis, snacks and there was a mini bottle of Shiraz for me and a beer for my boyfriend, we had bought them on the ferry.

During the night we slept quite well, except for my sudden awakening for the fear and a bit of cold sometimes, but mostly we were fine.

The following morning my boyfriend woke up very early to enjoy and to photograph the sunrise, on the other hand I went with him for 10 minutes but then got back to the warm sleeping bag! We started hiking towards the Goat Fell at 10.30am, on the way I was knackered, but I finally made it to the top.

On top of the Goat Fell
Unpacking! I love our tent

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