Bedroom: before and after

Good morning dear readers!

I slept like a baby last night, what about you? I’m using a lavender Room spray that I bought in Sainsbury’s two weeks ago and maybe it’s helping. I’d like to buy a Pillow Spray though, because I love lavender so I would love to spray it onto fabric and sniff it before sleeping…

On Friday we had our new double bed delivered, I’m so happy. The other one was so old-fashioned (in a bad way, unlike the tea room in Troon, if you have read my previous post you’ll know) I really am like a child with her toys when it comes to home refurbishing, new appliances, new accessories… I love seeing a home blossom and I wouldn’t mind renovating homes as a job, but I don’t have an Interior design degree, so I’ll do it as a hobby! In my home in Italy I have a king size bed because the bedroom is bigger but here it would have been really too bulky so we opted for a double instead. I move so much during the night, turning and turning and disturbing my bf, poor thing, so a king size would have been ideal. This is an Ottoman bed and I’m really happy with it because the old one wasn’t so we didn’t know where to put all our stuff.

Anyway, let me show you the before and after photos.


And below you have the photos of the new bed. Fabric, modern, in a beautiful grey. We moved it to the other side of the room because it’s just more comfortable to walk around and to sit at the desk where I put my make-up on.


On Tuesday early morning the Council will come to collect the old one, just in time for one of my best friends and her kids to arrive (they’re coming to visit us from Italy tomorrow, I can’t wait, it’s our first visit since we’re here).

Have a great Sunday guys! What are you up to today? I would like to read your comments.



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