The ending to our Asian trip: the idyllic beaches of Koh Kood

Tinkerbell Resort

After visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Angkor we decided to end our Asian trip on the heavenly beaches of the Thai island of Koh Kood (also written Ko Kut or Koh Kod), a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, in front of the Cambodian coast. Many say that this is where you can find the best beaches of Thailand but I don’t know if this is true, in my opinion they were heavenly.

As we were traveling for 18 days, which is quite long but not that much, and didn’t want to rush things even more we didn’t go to the southern part of Thailand, even if I was quite tempted by Koh Tao and the surroundings of Phuket. Sometimes traveling has been quite stressful, even if someone says “yeah so stressful to be on holiday, right?” because they don’t know the difference between going on holiday — staying in the hotel all the time, moving from the bedroom to the beach — and traveling, visiting and moving with buses, trains and taxis. I love both, don’t get me wrong, as long as I’m away I’m happy…Ahah! But yes, who travels knows that traveling CAN be stressful.

Anyway, we were staying in a hotel that I wouldn’t recommend. The only positive things about it were the bedroom and the nice garden overlooking the sea, but the breakfast wasn’t good, the staff unpleasant and not professioanl and the “spa” which was in the name didn’t exist. Our hotel was in Klong Mad beach, beside Koh Kood Beach Resort, but we hired a motorbike on our first day and were away all the time, only going back to have a shower and get ready for dinner. The couple who owned the hire-a-bike was very kind and sweet (on the road to Klong Mad beach and King Seafood restaurant, on your left).

Our bedroom

On our first day we went to one of Koh Kood’s best and most famous beaches, Klong Chao. It was our favourite also because it was in front of the amazing Tinkerbell Resort, where we usually had something to eat. Unfortunately it was too expensive for us to sleep there but if you’ve got a good budget I really recommend it, the food was very good as well.

Delicious spring rolls
The restaurant of Tinkerbell resort
Khlong Chao beach

We also visited the two waterfalls of the island (Khlong Chao and Huang Nam Keaw, the latter was quite near to our hotel) which were not bad but not special either, nevertheless we really enjoyed the path in the forest to reach them and exploring the quieter, non-touristy streets with our scooter.

Khlong Chao waterfall

The sunsets in Koh Kood were special, enjoying a nice beer on the beach or swimming in the sea, which was so warm in the evening, while watching the sun going down was amazing.

We really liked Ao Phrao beach, too, which is located on the south-western part of the island and has quite a lot of resorts. One day we hired a kayak from one of the resorts and reached Ao Klong Hin beach. It’s so nice to sunbathe on a kayak… The best way to have a nice tan (but always put your sunscreen on, first!!! And bring a hat, which is also very instagrammable)

Ao Phrao beach – unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of trash and plastic near the beach, very sad

Another peaceful and amazing beach which we loved and was quite near our hotel was Ao Noi, home to the Ao Noi resort where we had lunch, the beach was clean and luckily free from plastic and garbage.

Ao Noi
We stayed in Ao Noi till sunset and made friends with a sweet stray doggo

My favourite beaches were Khlong Chao (a bit crowded with many high-end resorts but clean and handy if you want to have a break from sunbathing with a nice lunch) and Ao Noi, less known and with less people. For dinner I would recommend you the lovely Fisherman Hut where they play live music (my boyfriend loved the fresh yet cheap fish served straight from the grill. They’ve got some vegetarian options, too, but not as many as you would find in Bali. I mostly ate pizza, french fries and noodles for 18 days). I also recommend the delicious Italian restaurant Heaven sense (on the road to Ao Phrao) where we went to have more choice and when we were homesick.

Sunset from the Tinkerbell resort, Khlong Chao



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