Trip to Bali: our amazing hotel in Ubud

Last June my boyfriend and I went to Indonesia for two weeks, we left on the 15th of June (two days after my boyfriend’s birthday) and celebrated my birthday there, on the 18th of June. I loved that trip because I graduated from university the month before, May 2018, so I was so satisfied and ready for my post-university life. In Bali we talked seriously about moving to Scotland for the first time, I still remember my boyfriend saying “So? Shall we go? I’m not joking” and I was so excited… Happy days. Here I am now, one year later, writing from Scotland…Ah, life’s a surprise, isn’t it?

Before driving to the airport
Our new backpacks

In Bali we had our first trip as backpackers (don’t want to pretend I’m an hardcore backpacker here, we were quite spoiled with our accommodations, didn’t even try an hostel). Our flight was really long, six hours to Dubai and then ten to Bali Denpasar. We arrived Bali’s airport at 10 o’clock in the night more or less. Here below you can see the first pic I took in Indonesia.


At the airport there was a taxi from the hotel waiting for us (we treated ourselves well and booked a taxi from home, I didn’t want to stress in the night). The trip to Ubud, our first destination, lasts one hour from the airport. Ubud isn’t on the seaside, it’s a lush green part of Bali, full of temples, yoga retreats and culture (do you know the famous pics from Instagram with the infinity pool and the jungle all round? That’s Ubud).

For our stay we chose Alam Ubud Culture Villas and Residence ( and would go back right away. We arrived almost at midnight and they brought us to our Jungle Villa with a golf cart because there’s quite a distance between villas (remember this if you’ve got problems walking, we had a lot of stairs and steep parts to do). I love the fact that there’s a lot of space between the bungalows because of the privacy, as well. You can also book a villa with a private pool but we had one with terrace.

Our beautiful bedroom – the huge bath tub on the left
The following morning – Imagine waking up here
The entrance to our Jungle Villa

The following morning we woke up quite early, 7 o’clock I believe, and we walked to have breakfast, which is held in front of this breathtaking infinity pool. The breakfast was really nice and there was a sweet old sir playing a traditional instrument.

The lowest part of the hotel – beside the river.
The second pool and the spa – I had two lovely massages (one was a couple’s massage)
Our nice terrace
In our Villa

I really recommend Alam Ubud because the place is set out of the hustle and bustle, there is a free shuttle three times a day back and forth from the hotel and otherwise you can use the Grab app to book cheap taxis. The hotel is very near to Tegallalang rice terraces, as well, which are really nice to visit. If you go there please don’t try or buy the sadly famous “Luwak poo coffee” because the poor animals are taken advantage off and kept in horrible, small cages. You may say “why should I want to drink coffee made from Luwak’s poo?” and you are right, but many people want to try it.

There you go – kept in tiny cages so that they can use their poo to sell Luwak coffee
I’d loved to free him – too bad they put the locker

We really liked Tegallalang rice fields (even if it was really hot and we walked a lot) because of the swing…and because it was my birthday!

On our first day in Ubud my boyfriend had his first Indonesian haircut… and he loved it! He even came back to the salon to buy the chocolate scented hair wax that the boy had used.

If you’d like a table by the pool for breakfast wake up earlier 😀

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