A candlelight birthday by the pool in Ubud

Hello dear readers! Lately I’ve been quite quiet on the blog and I’m really sorry about this, as writing here has always made me happy and sharing travel stories or just my life in general has always been good for me and I hope that I gave you some good advice for your future travels or for your hypothethical move to the UK as well. The reason of my absence has been that last month I found a job here in Scotland and I started working on the 4th of July. But here I am now to tell you about last year’s birthday in Bali!

I love getting to see these photos again (isn’t it a terrible shame that we don’t print photos like we used to?) and re-living that special night. That day had been magical because, after our visit to Tegallalang rice fields, we went back to our resort to have a couple massage. I don’t usually do massages at home, it’s a holiday-related treat for me. It was absolutely fantastic and it had relaxed our bodies and minds so much…Moreover, the spa of Alam Ubud Culture Villas is located beside a river, so that while you are getting massaged you can hear the flow of the water…

The spa
Where we had our couple massage. The spa by the river
There was a big spider walking beside me…Oops. lol

After our massage we went back to our bungalow for a hot bath.

I still didn’t know that my boyfriend had booked a romantic dinner by the pool for my birhday. It was so perfect. The kind staff had set us a table at the end of the swimming pool, creating the shape of a heart and the phrase “I love you” with petals… It was full of candles and we had all the privacy and the magic that we could desire. We also could hear the sound of toads…Oh, I would go back to that moment right away!

I hope I managed to share some emotion of that special night with you and, why not, maybe I gave you some inspiration to prepare something romantic for your loved one’s next birthday (if you are in a relationship) ! 😛



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